Recommended 100%.  I became a loyal customer to Jae's (JK) since I bought my accord in 2014.  Just moved to Atlanta and I'll have a hard time just finding a similar trustworthy/talented shop.
Aaron V.
Prices are good, they take care of their customers. They offer free herbal teas and coffee in the lobby and provide a clean tranquil environment for customers, with free Wi-Fi. As a shade-tree mechanic I'm typically reluctant to take my vehicle anywhere to get it serviced, however I trust these guys completely. If you bring them something that requires a specialist to work on it, they're honest and will tell you the best place to take it, even if it means costing them a few dollars doing so. Great place, I highly recommend them. 
Stacy E.
Courteous & Prompt
"Courteous & Prompt"
I had my Mercedes diagnosed and repaired here. The staff was very courteous and the work performed was very prompt. 
Alan G.

Jae Kim, Owner, JK Auto LLC

Jae Kim - Owner

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  • Preventative Maintenance Fact:
    Preventative maintenance along with regular inspection of your vehicle's systems can increase the longevity of your vehicle.  Talk with us about your vehicle manufacturer's recommended service intervals and what they entail.
  • Tire Fact:
    When your car shakes while driving, it is most likely because your car's tires need balancing.  Tire balancing ensures that your tires and wheels spin evenly.  Most people think shaking means wheel alignment is off but balancing and alignment are two completely different problems.
  • Alignment Fact:
    If your car pulls to the left or right while NOT applying your brakes or if you experience edge wear on your tires, your wheels could be misaligned.  Performing an alignment will not correct existing tire edge wear.  It is recommended that you have your alignment checked when you have new tires installed.
  • Braking Fact:
    If your steering wheel pulsates as you apply your brakes then you may have warped rotors or other braking system issues.


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